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Welcome to the 21st Century! Whitney Medical is registered with the state to evaluate patients and if clinically indicated, authorized to certify you for medical marijuana in NJ.
Medical Marijuana NJ | Medical Marijuana Doctors | Bergen and Passaic | Contact Us IconContact our staff in Clifton, New Jersey, to learn more about our practice or to schedule an appointment.  Can't locate your former Medical Provider?  We are now accepting new patients interested in New Jersey's Medical Marijuana Program. Call now.
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Whitney Medical has provided quality medical care in the Bergen and Passaic County areas for over 38 years.

 NJ Medical Marijuana Doctors

Suffering from chronic pain brought on by a debilitating illness or are you suffering from a debilitating condition known as PTSD?  Whitney Medicals special interest is in primary care and may be the answer to your medical needs. While our primary objective has always been preventable medicine, our staff has offered compassionate pain management services to patients suffering from a variety of illnesses such as Multiple Sclerosis, Seizure Disorders, Irritable Bowel Syndrone and Chronic Musculoskeletal Spasms.

For nearly 4 decades Dr. Jesse Mangone, has been treating and offering medical care in patients with diabetes, hypertension, weight control, workers compensation claims, metabolic syndrome and a myriad of other health issues that impact his patients daily lives.  Now, Dr. Mangone is also qualified to prescribe medical marijuana in NJ to patients in need who meet the strict criteria.

It is Dr Mangone’s philosophy to integrate traditional medicine and procedures along with alternative remedies. Thousands of years of positive results can not be overlooked now that the State has approved the use of medical marijuana. The history of marijuana for medical purposes dates back thousands of years. History shows it was used by many ancient cultures such as the Middle Eastern, Chinese, Egyptian, Indian and Grecian. 

More recently though in modern history, marijuana use in the medical field began to gain popularity in Western Civilization by the mid 19th century. The earliest recorded modern use reflects its benefits for treatments of muscle spasms, stomach cramps, sleeping aid, headaches, an anti-convulsive, and for relief of general pain. In fact, prior to its use becoming illegal in 1937, medical marijuana was effectively used in over 2,000 different medications to treat numerous maladies.

Contact our medical office to discuss the possibilities of managing your pain and illness through medical marijuana and see if you can join countless other who have finally experienced relief from their ailments.

Dr. Mangone is also respectably affiliated with marijuanadoctors.com. Check out our medical office & Dr. Mangone on Facebook also! Medical Marijuana Doctor NJ